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Mar/Apr 2017 - Volume 8, Issue 2 (Web version)


  VOL 8, ISSUE 2, MAR/APR 2017   Click Here for a PDF of This Newsletter    


We hope you like the fresh new look of Agency Insights! We will continue to offer agents timely articles, resources and news through the newsletter. Please take a few moments to check out this issue.


Meinhardt, Day and Grahovec Highlight Benefits of ALTA Springboard

CRM: Success or Miserable Failure?

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Real-time Resources: Linking Agents to the Latest Resources and News


Agents can send a brief submission and any related photos to their agency rep. Agency staff can share submissions with Linda Grahovec, NTP, VP, National Communications, and Regional Director of Education and Marketing, FNTG, at or 630.222.0778.




by Erika Meinhardt, President, National Agency Operations, FNTG

Spring is in the air and well under way, following on the tail of what was a mild winter for many regions of the country, which bodes well for the real estate market. As we approach our busy season of the year, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to our valued agents and staff members. FNTG experienced unprecedented market share growth in 2016, thanks in large part to each of your efforts. (For details, click here to link to FNTG’s Fact Sheet.)

As 2017 progresses, we are focused on continuing this growth initiative by cultivating our business organically, signing new, qualified agents, and recruiting new team members who meet our high standard for excellence. At FNTG, we have built our reputation on our solid financial strength, industry expertise and exceptional customer focus. Our goal is to maximize earnings from our operations and remain the most profitable title insurance company in the country.

I want to emphasize that we couldn’t have the presence or success that we do without our agents. We are very selective with whom we partner. Thank you for being among that elite group of professionals.

Together, we continue to navigate our ever-changing industry, and I want to assure you that we are here to support your success. As your underwriter, we strive to offer the training, resources and support you need to be successful and to stay ahead of the curve. To do this, we rely on our amazing team of employees. As such, I encourage you to reach out to your agency representative or manager if you have questions or need assistance.

Also, please take a few moments to visit our Real-time Resources page in this issue. It highlights many of the resources available to you, including: webinars and online training, available marketing tools, our Solution Partners, online news, and so much more.

Thanks again for your efforts, and I look forward to continued success throughout the year.


Continue scrolling down for photo highlights from the event.

“The Springboard catapulted traditional educational and networking meetings into a whole new direction that focused on spending less time listening to presentations and more time sharing, networking and learning.”



Brain Dating, Ideas Festivals, Knowledge Communities … These new concepts and terminologies were unveiled and experienced first-hand at the ALTA Springboard, which took place March 8 – 9 in Fort Worth, TX. FNTG was a Diamond Partner of the event, with participation from Erika Meinhardt, President, National Agency Operations, FNTG; Steve Day, EVP and Division Manager, FNTG; and Linda Grahovec, VP, National Communications, and Regional Director of Education and Marketing, FNTG; as well as several FNTG agents and many of FNTG’s Solution Partners (visit the Solution Partners website to learn more about these providers and their products and services).

“The Springboard catapulted traditional educational and networking meetings into a whole new direction that focused on spending less time listening to presentations and more time sharing, networking and learning,” explained Erika Meinhardt. “FNTG was pleased to be involved in this event by sharing insight from some of our experts. We were also thrilled to provide financial scholarships to 10 industry professionals so that they could attend the event.”

Highlights of the event included:

The event offered three Ideas Festivals on the topics of:

• Staffing and Development (presented by Devon Irby, Chief Compliance Officer, H.B. Wilkinson Title Co. [an FNTG agent], and Daniel D. Mennenoh, President, H.B. Wilkinson Title Co., and current ALTA President);

• Core Industry Values (presented by FNTG’s Steve Day and Steve Gottheim, Senior Counsel, ALTA); and

• Connecting With the Customer (presented by FNTG’s Linda Grahovec and Elizabeth [Betsy] Russo, Managing Member, MCP Title Services, LLC, an FNTG agent).

Each “festival” was led by two experts who gave a short, powerful talk on their topic from a stage placed in the center of the room and surrounded by the Knowledge Community (attendees composed of agents, underwriters and vendors, all seated at tables). Next, under the guidance of a leader, each Knowledge Community spent time discussing several sub-topics at their table, sharing personal experience and expertise. Subject Matter Experts walked around and listened to the Knowledge Communities, reporting back to the Festival Leaders, who then closed the session with a “Recap & Review” of the topic, featuring the best ideas that came from the brainstorming of all Knowledge Community participants. Attendees left the meeting with great ideas to share and implement with their offices.

Ideas Festival Presenter Steve Day shared these thoughts on his festival: “Our presentation related to our Strategic Priorities for ALTA, focusing on our Core Industry Values. The focus of this initiative is to create a program for ALTA members that reflects the strength of the title and settlement industry through strong professional values,” said Steve. “Our short talk with attendees was about our opportunity, as an industry, to strongly reflect our core industry values. This not only improves our image to the consumer and our regulators, but it can be a significant factor in the positive growth of a business entity! We are using the input from the various Knowledge Communities to guide these efforts.” 

Festival Presenter Linda Grahovec offered this insight: “Our presentation focused on how we connect with the customer. We wanted attendees to look beyond the actual process of what we do and instead think about how we do it,” Linda explained. “Knowledge Communities discussed what specific steps they can implement to create truly customized experiences for customers at each stage of the transaction. This included talking about what has been successful and what needs to be done differently. Together, we came up with some excellent ideas and suggestions that can help each of us to leverage our customer relationships in meaningful ways — from start to finish. We even came up with ways to look at marketing within post-closing issues — taking some of the negative post-closing follow-up and turning it into future business opportunities with those lenders or customers.”

Also featured were a variety of Career Advancement talks from experts including FNTG’s Erika Meinhardt. Erika’s talk on Women in Leadership shared vital lessons she has learned from her own career and focused largely on the importance of speaking up and sharing opinions in the appropriate way. She stressed that professionals should not be afraid to “raise their hands and have a voice.”

Additionally, Brain Dating was available to all attendees. Using an app, attendees were given an easy way to connect and meet with like-minded peers and industry professionals. Participants could meet one-on-one to learn more about best business practices and gain advice from fellow attendees.



If you have questions about this topic, contact Rick Diamond, VP, Agency Technology, FNTG, at or




by Rick Diamond, VP, Agency Technology, FNTG

Can a Customer Relationship Management system actually be successful for agents and underwriters? Many believe CRMs inherently fail, but I believe that with the right goals, the right management buy-in, and most important, a perceived value from its users, a CRM can be very successful. To be successful, you have to be vigilant with its rollout and have a clear understanding of the keys for success. Let’s take a look at what that entails.

A CRM must have a fully functional mobile application for both IOS and Android devices. In sales especially, mobile functionality is a must.

CRMs must have an Outlook integration. This is a make-or-break feature. Without it, any CRM rollout is doomed to fail. It must have the ability to manually or automatically sync tasks, meetings and emails via a two-way connection between the CRM and Outlook.

A successful CRM in our industry must have sales and client development workflows. Use the CRM to track client behavior within all areas in which you interact, such as revenue, orders, business origin and expenses. Create reports to show the “health” of the relationship to assess if each phase of the interaction is worth the time you’re spending on it.

You’ll also need a strong homepage and dashboards. Dashboards are a compilation of reports and graphics demonstrating to the user current performance on existing and potential business. This component should be dynamic and can provide a 360-degree view of a client. Working with the sales and client development workflows, you can track — depending on who your customer is — revenue, sales data, expenses and business origin.

One of the best features of a solid CRM is email marketing. Email campaigns are a great way to communicate with your clients. Having an easy way to incorporate your current Outlook distribution lists with your CRM makes these campaigns a snap. Email marketing analytics and workflows are the next level of email marketing. You create an email campaign and apply specific metrics and action items to your efforts. This enables you to see who clicks on what sections, what their client rank is, and how to approach them based on this information. All of this can be captured in workflows based on the analytics from the email campaigns.

Depending on the CRM you choose, you may have the option of migrating data from old or failed CRMs. This should be done whenever possible to ensure that you don’t lose important data already captured. Although you may have to scrub that data, even a failed CRM provides important information to review and perhaps make use of in a future campaign. At the very least, make it a consideration of any new CRM you plan to use.

Another useful feature in a CRM is integration with production systems, which can provide great data from your clients. Real-time integrations with other databases can be relevant to the sales effort by supporting and generating new business.

All of the aspects mentioned here are important to think about to ensure a successful CRM rollout. CRMs are a big investment of time and money, and without these specific goals in mind, a CRM is doomed to fail. So take the time to plan ahead and get commitment from all parties involved to make sure your CRM is successful.


Agents can send a brief submission and any related photos to their agency rep. Agency staff can share submissions with Linda Grahovec, NTP, VP, National Communications, and Regional Director of Education and Marketing, FNTG, at or 630.222.0778.




We hope you like the fresh new look of Agency Insights! While we’ve revamped our look, our goal remains the same: to offer agents useful articles, resources and news. We also want to spotlight our amazing agents and staff members in the newsletter, so please take a moment to share:
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• involvement in community-focused activities.

Send your submissions to: Linda Grahovec, NTP, VP, National Communications, and Regional Director of Education and Marketing, FNTG, at or 630.222.0778.


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